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A teenage girl looks at a futuristic screen in fascination

The Career & Tech Bootcamp For Teens

Help your child find their path with our 8-day, cutting-edge career orientation & preparation STEM bootcamp for students ages 14-18.


Gamechangers Academy equips them with the knowledge & skills to identify, future-proof and achieve their goals. Secure their spot now!

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Helping your teenage daughter or son find their path and happiness can be challenging. Especially because you know the world they will grow up in will be vastly different from the one you navigated decades ago.


Our lives and work are being reshaped by emerging technologies - from AI to genetic editing - and pivotal shifts in politics, the environment & economy. Moreover, competition for university & jobs is more intense than ever.


Yet most career guidance is hardly up-to-date or extensive, and most schools lack the time to teach about future tech, jobs & in-demand skills, or how to gain a sense of direction in today's career jungle. Choosing a career under these circumstances is like shooting blind.

Traditional career guidance is inadequate:

1 in 3

university students wish they had chosen a different degree and would have done so if they had received  better information in advance [1]


of 15-year-olds in OECD countries still aim for the same 10 jobs their peers did in 2000, despite technological advances redefining job markets since [3]


of teachers report that their training didn’t prepare them to deliver careers information and guidance to students [2]

8 in 10

students report not feeling connected to
a deeper life purpose and 40% do not think that school
helps them identify
it [4]

Program benefits
for your child

Awareness of tech &  future-proof careers

No matter which field your child is interested in - every sector is being transfomed by tech and will require either developing or working with it. We hence make students aware of 10 key technologies (AI, IoT, etc), how they affect their area of interest & how to leverage them. After they analyse their strengths, interests & more, we guide them through labour market trends & in-demand professions, plus individual job research, to identify suited future-proof careers.

A socio-emotional toolkit

The teenage years are the most emotionally intense period given the brain's developmental stage. Academic pressure, bullying, cliques, family quarrels, social media & peer pressure can further contribute to students being stressed, unhappy and disliking school. We teach students skills for managing these challenging aspects of life in high school and beyond, as well as how to rise above all that and lead others effectively.

Foundations of in-demand skills

Preparing for the future of work requires not only understanding technology & job trends, but also certain skills - which are often not taught in school. That's why we teach foundations of design thinking, agile methods, data analysis, coding, entrepreneurship, personal finance, sales & more, as these are the 21st-century tools students will need to apply anywhere. They will enable them to thrive no matter the context or job role.

Better school performance 

School never teaches us how to learn and rarely explains why we learn what we learn. Students are told to perform better by studying harder - instead of being taught about the biological, neurological, social & psychological drivers that affect their performance. We teach them how to manage these, plus meta-learning strategies, and identify their motivation for learning [1]. This also sets them up for a future of lifelong upskilling.

An agile, fulfilling, multi-year plan

By program end, informed by our holistic framework, your child will have a clear multi-year career plan, outlining their dream uni, degree, role, company & lifestyle goals. They will also know steps to validate these goals within the next 6 months post-bootcamp, and how to adapt their plan proactively to changes & new life experiences. As they are often motivated by social impact, we also identify which careers & tech can help solve issues they care about.  

A great network of mentors & peers

The number and quality of positive relationships is one of the most crucial factors for success and resilience. Post-program, your child will be matched to a carefully chosen mentor with their dream job who will continue to inspire and inform them. In the group bootcamp, they will meet ambitious, likeminded students, and possibly form friendships for a lifetime. We encourage a long-term forming of these bonds via alumni meetings.


& planning



Abstract Lines

Formats & Pricing

Group 8-Day Holiday Bootcamp

Max. 10 students / camp

Luxembourg City
Click here to view venue.

English / German

Easter:         28.03.-04.04.2024

                      In English


Summer:     24.07.-31.07.2024
                      In English



                      In German

                      In German

10am - 5.30pm each day

Printed & digital workbook

50h+ of educational content


Certificate of completion

Matchmaking with a mentor

Progress check-in meeting 6 months post-program

Award of 100€ for best plan
(as voted by students; voucher for Rockhal / LuxFly / Amazon / Kiva)

Free unlimited access to alumni events

Free list of 100+ further recommended resources

795€ per student
            (just €15/hour)

Payment is to be conducted only once the registration is confirmed.

Referral Discount
50€ refund per successful referral

1:1 Flexible Online Bootcamp

1:1 (max. 1:3, if desired)

Online / in-person
Usually the first & last session are held in Luxembourg City.

English / German

15 sessions à 3h (45h) + assignments (~10h) 
Based on your schedule, but sessions should ideally never be more than 2 weeks apart.

Digital workbook

50h+ of educational content

Certificate of completion

Matchmaking with a mentor

Progress check-in meeting 6 months post-program

Unlimited access to alumni events

Free list of 100+ further recommended resources​

995€ per student
(just 22€/hour)

Payment is to be conducted only once the registration is confirmed.

Referral Discount
50€ refund per successful referral

Finding your purpose early is crucial:

Better Grades

Students who know their purpose maintain focus in the face of academic & personal challenges and are less likely to drop out of school or college; it improves their ability to self-regulate and learn [1] [2] [3].

Higher Salaries

High-performing students who didn’t have clear job
ambitions at age 15 had 20% lower salaries by age 25 than those who did, even when accounting for socioeconomic backgrounds [3]. 

Improved Health

Individuals who have a
strong sense that their life is meaningful & goal-directed,tend to live longer [4] [5], have healthier habits [6], are less prone to pitfalls [7] and are
happier [8].

Gamechangers Is Designed For The 21st Century

Developed by a Harvard Graduate

Thanks to our founder's Master's degree in education from Harvard, the up-to-date insights we provide are validated with her network of experts and academic research as well as by high-quality data from credible sources. This gives your child access to her network and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to get into the best universities & for whom they are most valuable. 

Modern pedagogy for engaged learning

We teach the way that 21st century learners should be taught. We don't ban the use of AI, we encourage its strategic use. We employ inquiry-based learning, on which we layer gamification & microlearning. This ensures that your child is engaged in the process of absorbing lots of new information & skills in a short time, and that results are tailored to each student.

Knowledge & skills for the 21st century

Navigating one’s career is now less like climbing a ladder and more of a jungle parkours. That's why we go beyond traditional career guidance and offer career planning informed by self-awareness, future trends & technological knowledge, and empowered by life & job skills. This ensures your child can make a truly informed choice and gain the skills required to pursue its goals.

My daughter had some interest in tech, but no one ever taught her how it could be applied to the field she was interested in. After Gamechangers, she came back so motivated and with a clear plan of what she wanted to do, it was incredible!

Evelyn - Parent


  • Do I need to have perfect grades in school to be eligible for this program?
    While we certainly appreciate everyone who has amazing high school grades, that is not a must-have criterion. What is important is that you have a genuine interest in the program (including ideally technology, business, politics or entrepreneurship), an emerging set of interests and passions, that you care about some social causes, and that you are willing to learn.
  • Is this program only focused on careers in the tech or business sector?
    No. The program's goal is not to push you into a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) or business career - we want you to pursue YOUR interests and build out YOUR strengths, which is why the outcome of this program is highly personalised for everyone. If you want to become an artist who works with oil paint, an actor in a theatre, or anything that seems not related to tech at first, we will help you develop your plan to achieve that. The reason why we nevertheless teach about technology trends is because no matter your field of interest, your field will be affected by tech! Yes, even as an artist who is painting with oil colours. If you don't know how to take advantage of technology in your particular field and what to watch out for, you'll be at a disadvantage. We therefore provide you with all the information and strategies you need to make an informed decision, identify how you might be able to leverage tech even in a non-tech career, and the skills to navigate your future career jungle seamlessly.
  • Will I need a laptop to participate in the program?
    Yes - a lot of the exercises we do as part of the program will require you to be able to research areas of your interest quickly.
  • In which languages are the bootcamps held?
    We currently offer our bootcamps in English and German. From 2025 onwards, we will also start offering them in French.
  • Do I receive a certificate for completing the bootcamp?
    Yes, everyone receives a digital and printed certificate!
  • Do I need to live in Luxembourg to be able to participate?
    For our 1:1 Flexible Online program, you do not need to live in Luxembourg, as it can be taken 100% online. If you live within 2h of Luxembourg, we do recommend however to at least do the first session in-person in Luxembourg City, as it is always nicer if we can get to know you in-person rather than just digitally! However for the 8-Day Group Holiday Bootcamps, we do recommend living within max. 1h away from Luxembourg City. We currently cannot offer accommodation, so it is most convenient if you are able to go back home in time after each day (which starts at 10am and ends at 5.30pm).

Meet The Founder

Headshot 2 (4).png

Dear Parent,


Thank you for your interest in our program. It shows that you are truly thinking ahead for your child, which is vital these days. Your trust means everything to us.


Education reform and technology have been my passion since a teenager. For over 10 years and across 4 continents, I dedicated myself to education policy and education technology as Project Manager, Product Manager and Researcher, and by earning my Master's in Education from Harvard.


However, having studied educational best practices across the globe, advised ministries of education, and developed & scaled edtech products for thousands of students, I am more alarmed than ever that some of the most urgent systemic flaws are still not being addressed. Policy decisions often take years until they reach students, depriving students of timely solutions in a rapidly changing world. I hence created this cutting-edge program which, in a time-efficient manner, can tackle some of the growing gaps for students and impact them today.

My promise to you is that Gamechangers Academy will provide the missing puzzle piece to ensure that your child is truly prepared for life after school, as well as able to identify and pursue a fulfilling path - where they are not left behind by technology, but instead lead the way in their field of interest.


If you have any questions, I invite you to reach out anytime and look forward to hearing from you.


Zwischenüberschrift hinzufügen_edited.png

Contact Us

We're happy to answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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